Overdraft Coverage – What you need to know and why we need to hear from you!

Don’t allow your transactions to be denied; take action by July 15, 2010 to ensure you don’t face the embarrassment of denied transactions at the pharmacy, doctor’s office, grocery store or gas station!

Have you ever had car trouble, a sick child in need of a prescription, or simply purchased groceries on a Saturday afternoon knowing that your paycheck would not be deposited at the bank until Monday? We all have expenses whether routine or emergency. And, sometimes we just want our bankers to approve the transaction!

At Pony Express Community Bank we are deeply committed to ensuring your finances are managed in a way that benefits you and that - when you need funds - they are available to you. We do not want you in the middle of an embarrassing situation when it comes to your debit card and the amount of money in your account. With this in mind, we want to visit with you about overdraft coverage and the action we encourage you to take.

What is overdraft coverage?
Overdraft coverage means we may authorize a transaction for you, even though we are aware you do not have enough money in your account to cover it.
Soon, this coverage will not be available to you, unless we hear from you!

What you can do.
To keep your debit card working as it currently does and to ensure you remain enrolled in this service, we ask that you please respond to us by July 15. To respond, you may complete and return the enclosed form, go to www.ponyexpr.com, or ask any PECB Banker for assistance. If we do not hear from you, overdraft coverage will no longer be available for debit card and ATM transactions beginning August 15, 2010. This means transactions for those unexpected emergencies and routine expenses will not be authorized if you do not have sufficient funds in your account.

Do NOT lose this safety net; ensure that you are protected!